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አብይ አማራውን በምርጫ አታሎ ከተመረጠ በኋላ ክዶታል!

ተናግሬአለሁ! Dr. Agegnehu !   አብይ አማራውን በምርጫ አታሎ ከተመረጠ በኋላ ክዶታል። አሁን ህወሃቶች ተዋግተው …

አማራ የሆናችሁ ይሄን ጉድ ስሙና ፍረዱ !

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  1. Tekesteberhan Dinberu

    Ethiopian foreign affairs is partly conducted by personalities like Deacon Yosef Teferi. I appreciate that. I am writing this letter since I see that Ethiopian diplomats have not done much or have to do much. I see that wrong informants are misinforming many statesmen and international organizations. I see that criminals have put themselves as victims of the Ethiopian offensive. In addition to that the stance of President Donald Trump on Ethio-Egypt relationship has to be corrected. The going out president played as an instigator of aggression instead of a true mediator. This has to be corrected by the new administration led by President Joe Biden. So, please see the letter below to help/ take necessary steps to convey facts and correct foreign relations on Ethiopia.
    High Time to Prevent a Looming Danger
    Saddened by the TPLF leadership that functioned in the whole 30 years of its reign as a state organ that did all it could to dismantle Ethiopia from within and saddened by mercenaries and cohorts that served this traitorous defacto terrorist regime that got time to continue and accelerate its inhuman activities due to the tolerance of Prime Minister Abiy’s leadership that decelerated the beginning speed of the Lemma-Abiy team since the last two years, the present its ongoing measure is commendable and appreciable for its efforts to remove the evil regime, to bring law and order in the country, and to pave the way for democracy. However we are watching in front of our eyes that TPLF-bought agents and its bribed cohorts are still disseminating false information in unprecedented ways, state leaders have been overwhelmed by such information and senators have brought a bill on the floors of Congress, a bill that undermines real facts in Ethiopia and the sovereignty of the country that had over a hundred years of good relationship with the USA. We also see Egypt, emboldened by the inappropriate stand of the Trump leadership, has been a rogue state on the GERD and Ethiopia apparently is motivating Sudan to join her as the latter is seen hesitating to come to discussion on GERD while at the same time trying to stir tension so that it can put Ethiopia at a brim of border clash with Sudan where remnants of TPLF also may hope to take advantage of this situation to regroup. This time is so critical and it seems to be a looming danger hovering over that part of the Horn of Africa as Israel has softened diplomatic relations with these and other contentional states making the balance of forces unfavorable for Ethiopia while Ethiopian ties with rest of the Arab world seems to be loose.
    While strong diplomacy with iron fist are ingredients of the recipe for a remedy to the looming danger, there is no denying the fact that internal strength, the unity of the Ethiopian people plays the measure part in defending the sovereignty of the nation. Under the fallen TPLF, people were robbed of their common history, victory against foreign enemies, folklores, heritages, common, national borders, common capital city , common rivers, common lakes, and other common values that they built through generations and were left with language, race and with sectarian image of religious differences – all that ripped off their common national values and took them back to primitive thinking. Political organization and government structure based on ethnicity promoted identity instead of harmonizing the people’s diversity. To make a peaceful transition in that situation infested with ethnic politics spiraling into conflicts and mass murder and eviction of citizens considered alien in their own country due to their language and religious differences apparently proved naïve and wishful. Ironically the pivotal need to turn the Prime Minister’s course of direction was sparked by the same traitorous defunct TPLF organization that worked out for its own downfall from power and public leadership. However, since the wealth that it illegally accumulated through usurpation of all resources of the nation for over 30 years is still untapped, its potential capacity to lobby great decision makers of state leaders and its financial capacity to bribe adversarial agents may be still at large. There is no doubt the traitorous remnants can collaborate with any agents to support sectarian elements in ethnic line and encourage foreign intervention to sabotage the unity and territorial integrity of the nation.
    So, we see the Ethiopian government seems to have been concentrating on domestic issues and less focused in monitoring the alignment of external forces that may be going in unfavorable direction in regards to the peace and stability in the region and Ethiopia in particular. Although no nation can secure its borders without its strong defense forces, we see that strong foreign diplomacy also has paramount importance to ease the tension; strong diplomatic relations are no alternative to fill the gap and this has to be accomplished with dedicated and professional personalities that can decently and courteously knock at the door office of key statesmen to break the stalemate and procure all types of support to keep the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. Maintenance of the sovereignty of the nation needs to go hand in hand with maintenance of law and order in the country that is the best way to pave the way for peaceful transition to democratic rule and development. So, much is expected from Ethiopian diplomats to develop its leverage in order to prevent a possible looming danger hovering over the nation before the amicable relationship with its neighboring countries is jeopardized.
    Tekesteberhan Tefera

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