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How can I become a member of NAMA?
To become a member of NAMA; you have two ways. The easiest and first way is to fill up the Online membershipo Form and submit. The form will be sent to NAMA office for review. The second way is to go to NAMA Head office in Addis or to go to NAMA branch office or support groups and register. If there is no any NAMA branch in your area, you can start with your friends and register on the website. NAMA Head office will confirm it.

What does Amhara mean?

The term “Amhara” is derived from amari, meaning “one who is pleasing, agreeable, beautiful, and gracious.” Amhara culture is often identified with Abyssinian culture, which is regarded as the heir to the cultural blending of ancient Ethiopia.

Where is Head Office of NAMA (አብን)

The head office of NAMA is in Addis Abeba, Shewa Province.

Near Arat Kilo (Ginfile Bridge)

Howmuch is membership Fee?

Membership Fees

1-If you are in Ethiopia, 20 Birr per month. You can pay to the Bank account of NAMA in Addis Abeba.

2-If you are Ethiopian in Diaspora minimum 10 US Dollars per month.  Monthly Payment by Paypal. 

The contribution is necessary to support the daily operations of NAMA and to support jailed families and children of Amhara leaders.



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