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Ethiopia wins Patent ownership rights over Teff seed.

News:Ethiopia wins Patent ownership rights over Teff seed used for making Injera against a Dutch national…

በጤፍ ላይ የፓተንት ባለቤትነት መብት አለኝ ብሎ ሲሟገት የነበረው የኔዘርላንድስ ነጋዴ አገሩ ላይ ዘሄግ በሚገኘው ፍርድ ቤት ተፈረደበት:: የጤፍ የባለቤትነት መብት የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ነው:: እንኳን ደስ አለን! እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ:: ላደረጋችሁልን ድጋፍ ሁሉ እናመሰግናለን::

#Breaking #Congratulation! Thank you all. I just learned that The Court of The Hague ruled against the #Teff patent holder. This is great news. I hope we can learn from this that our national assets must be protected by Ethiopians & friends of #Ethiopia.

The judge states the patent holds no innovation. Milling teff into finer flour is seen as common knowledge in flour preparation. The verdict by the Dutch court means the patent holder’s claim on milling teff is null and void.

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