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አብይ አማራውን በምርጫ አታሎ ከተመረጠ በኋላ ክዶታል!

ተናግሬአለሁ! Dr. Agegnehu !   አብይ አማራውን በምርጫ አታሎ ከተመረጠ በኋላ ክዶታል። አሁን ህወሃቶች ተዋግተው …

አማራ የሆናችሁ ይሄን ጉድ ስሙና ፍረዱ !

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  1. I’m encouraged by the interview you gave on Amhara TV on the association
    Please send me contact details and information to join the association
    My email is

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