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This is a comment I gave on an article with a title “what’s a point in Amhara Nationalism?” written in an apparent endeavor to delegitimiz #AmaharaNationalism by a person known as #Teshome M. Borago. I put the link to the article in the comment box.

This is a comment I gave on an article with a title “what’s a point in Amhara Nationalism?” written in an apparent endeavor to delegitimiz #AmaharaNationalism by a person known as #Teshome M. Borago. I put the link to the article in the comment box.

I thought the arguments raised will help to counter some of ill wishers against Amhara Nationalism.

December 18, 2018 at 7:21 pm

I read this article:

  1. It denied our ethnic identity, by calling us “Amharic speaking Ethiopian population”.
  2. It alleged that the people of Amhara have no a common heritage and don’t have shared values that could bring them together except real and imagined sense of victimhood.
  3. The author alleged that ANDM (ADP) has been the bearer of Amhara Nationalism and ANDM’s failure is the failure of our Nationalism.
  4. The author thought the ultimate goal of Amhara nationalism is to create multiple special zones across the nation, which could never materializ as per his understanding.
  5. The author alleged that Amhara Nationalism have exacerbated and will exacerbate the suffering of the people of Amhara who live among and with other ethnic groups.
  6. The author urged us automatically to abondon our nationalism and our salivation depends on embracing the fake unity camp G7.

If the author of the article had exerted a little effort and made a little bit research about the history of Amhara and Amhara nationalism, he would have saved himself from embarrassing and shameful assumptions, erroneous premises and unwarranted conclusions.


  1. His assumption and premise of characterizing All Amharic speakers as Amharas is very big wrong. No need to explain further.
  2. No other ethnic group in Ethiopia, can claim a greater and better common heritage and shared values like we, the Amharas. And our coomon heritages and shared values have been built on unshakable foundations. No amount of adversities, hostilities and persecutions from the Felasha’s Yodit Gudit to jehadist Gragne Ahmed, from the mass displacement and massacre by Oromo expansionism up to fascist Italy, from the massacre of Derg up to the systemic genocidal endeavour of the gulag system of TPLF deterred us to come out victories. Wherever we live and whatever our trade is, our common heritage and shared values follow us and live with in us. Our common heritage and shared values are manifested by our long and bold history, Abrahamic religions, vibrant culture and our beautiful languages. If anyone wants to know who the Amharas are, simply, go and read a single book, Wax and Gold. The author of the article miserably failed himself by coming with such a rubbish.
  3. The author falsely alleged ANDM/ADP has been the proponent of Amhara Nationalism that its rejection by the Amhara people is the rejection of Amhara Nationalism. What a farce?! ANDM have never been and still is not the true bearer of our Nationalism. In fact, ANDM was a tool created and run by the enemy of our people until recently a pro democracy faction took control of its leadership. It’s with full knowledge and cooperation of ANDM that AAPO, the then legitimate party that represented our Nationalism, was dismantled and its beloved leader ,Pro. Asrat the true son of Amhara, was killed.
  4. The author miserably assumed that the ultimate goal of Amhara Nationalism is to create multiple special zones across the nation. It’s not. The ultimate goal of Amhara Nationalism is to liberate all the Amharas that are held hostage by the gulag system put in place by our sworn enemies, to dismantle the apartheid like system and replace it with a humanly and most importantly with Amhara friendly governance system. And if our country must fall and disintegrate, Amhara Nationalism would make sure its debris will not fall on the shoulders of our people. In the event of the fall of the nation, Amhara Nationalism will make sure the indivisibility of our people’s unity and our historical territorial integrityto remain ours own, the Amhara.
  5. The autho’s allegation that the Amhara Nationalism has exacerbated the suffering of Amhara people is unfounded and in fact it’s a reversal of the facts on the ground. The Amharas have been subjected for different forms of persecutions for the last 40+ years with having no a single voice to speak of their sufferings. Today it has ever become harder to persecute Amharas without paying a hefty political price. Today,we stand by Wolkayete and Rays Amharas with full force. Once we consolidate our base and have full control of it, we will make sure every single Amhara across the nation is safe and have equal protection as any other citizen of our country.
  6. The author insidiously urges us that our salvation depends on the fake unity camp G7. That’s very much embarrassing. For the obvious reasons, G7 has failed the Amhara people. While amassing its finance and footsoldiers from the Amhara people, in so many instances, G7 promoted anti Amhara narrations and a political program that intentionally marginaliz the Amhara from its top leadership. All the so called the unity camp, in particular G7 people, want the Amhara people to serve their power lust; not to serve the inherent interests of the Amhara people. For the last 40+ years, the people of Amhara have been stabbed from all the corners of power and governed by proxy. We’ll never allow such a thing to happen henceforth. We shall be the makers and shapers our destiny.

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