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ጉድ አዳምጡ – መልእክት ለዳያስፖራ

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ዝም አልልም!

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  1. Teshome Yohannes Kifle

    The Onion farm lands owned by diaspora-Amara-farm investors around Adama-Sodere in Oromia had been nationalized by Oromia’s former President , Doctor Muktar Kedir and transfered to Dinqu Deyas & Co.

    The Amara owned Onion farm developments who were supplying onions to Adama , Addis Ababa and the surrounding areas were nationalized by the former President of Oromia Doctor Muktar Kedir then given to the corrupt crime ring leader , Dinqu Deyas affiliated farm investors.

    Currently the Onion market in Ethiopia is monopolized by Dinqu Deyas & Co. with the price of onion quadrupling after Dinqu Deyas monopolized the onion farming and distribution business , he successfully corrupted both the regional governments and the federal government officials across Ethiopia.

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