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ይህ የጎሳ ህገ መንግስት ካልፈረሰ ሃገር ይፈርሳል:: ዶ/ር ሰማኸኝ ጋሹ

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  1. amhara have been the uniting force that holds ethiopia together for generations. amhara therefore should not deviate from this principle. ethnic liberation fronts have done their best in the last 30 to 40 years to get the amhara to embrace ethno nationalism, to help them to dismember ethiopia. they saw the amhara as the main stumbling block to their long term plan of destroying ethiopian unity. after tplff and olf took control of Addis abeba in 1991, they wrote a constitution to suit themselves, by excluding the amhara from the political life of the country.
    since that time , they have managed to divide the people and the country by setting up ethnic killils, and by deliberately, inciting one ethnic group against the other into blood shed and violence. the ethnic killil politic have made people to see each other as enemies and with suspicion. By giving total power and control for one ethnic group over other groups living in each killil, it has alienated the minority ethnic groups from the affairs of the killil and the lives of the people and consequently to forced evictions and displacement of millions of people from the villages and towns they lived for generations . killil has created a boundary and land dispute issues between neighbouring ethnic groups.

    the amhara have been the major victims of these barbaric act in the last 29 years. whilst organising the amhara for self defence and strength is essential, the aim should be for the maintenance of freedom, democracy and justice for all citizens of ethiopia. every person wants to be free, and wants justice and democracy and these needs are a uniting factor for all ethnic groups in ethiopia. citizenship politics is what the amhara groups should embrace and not ethnic politics . this is decadent idea and a failure which has not worked for tplf /olf and others like them. amharas should be careful not to embrace the agenda of olf/tplf and fan ethnic politics to divide the country.

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