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አብን እና አዴፓ ፣ እንደ ደርግ እና ኢህአፓ?

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  1. There is no “adepa” no more!!!! It is prosperity party. There is no perfect party and there will never be!! Accept the imperfections and work together for the greater Amara people. Never use violence as a means to advance your agenda. AB started as a great organization, but I see now treating other Ethiopians like “adepa” as enemies. The sufferings of amara people must stop because of unelected officials like you. Wait until you are elected by the people to claim yourself as officials. You are not entitled to power now. You must earn it by serving the greater amara people.

    • First of all, ABN is created because there was no one to defend Amhara people. ABN is the only none criminal Party that exists in Ethiopia today and it is every Amhara’s choice. You perfectly know that Amharas have expressed and let it to be known that ADP doesn’t represent Amharas. You, indirectly, work for Dr. Abiy, , you can’t come to ABN Website and bad mouth ABN! This isn’t a place for ODP or ADP’s paid hustler. By the way, you can call it the Prosperity Party, the Sun or the Moon Party, but we all know it is the former EPRDF Party whose members are criminals who committed crimes against humanity on Ethiopian people. We, the people of Ethiopia, will work hard to bring each and every on of them to justice.

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