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አባቴ ተገድሏል፣ እርጉዟ እናቴ በጨለማ ክፍል በእስር ቤት ትሰቃያለች::

 አባቴ ተገድሏል፣ እርጉዟ እናቴ (Desta Asfaw) በጨለማ ክፍል በእስር ቤት ትሰቃያለች…..
* ማህሌት አሳምነው ጽጌ።

ህሊና በሞተባት አገር የአማራ ህይወት እንዲህ ነው !

Court denied bail for wife of G/Asamnew Tsige despite her pregnancy & deteriorating health condition

Court at Lideta today denied the right of bail for the wife of the deceased Brigadier General Asamnew Tsige.

Ms. Desta Asfaw, who was arrested following the acclaimed Coup in Amhara region in June where her husband was also killed, told the judge today she is suffering from a pregnancy-related health problem and she must be released on bail.

“I am in a very dark prison cell and I am suffering from pregnancy related issue and I am not allowed to see a doctor,” she told the court.

However, the court denied her request and failed to instruct the prison bosses to respect her right to see a doctor.

Ms. Desta who is locked in a dark room since she was arrested told the court she was arrested being suspected for involving in the killings of the Amhara region and federal top authorities. However, she said police so far ask her only about the properties she shared from her husband not asking her what police arrested her for.

Not giving her any explanations or respecting her right of bail, the court gave police additional time for investigation and sent Ms. Desta back to her dark room in the police station.



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  1. I live in East coast of USA and I have been waiting for organizations that have more Amharas in DC and Virginia area to call for a meeting or something so I can attend. So far I didn’t have any chance. If you can and have any information please share via email and Facebook so ppl could attend the meetings near their homes. May be ABN should have few people dedicated in helping ppl organize in the different parts of the world. You can also use ASRAT media to advertise it. From where we are people dont have each other information and also dont trust each other. You guys have our information and we trust your partnership in helping us set up things like that. If we are organized we can set up different things and do fundraising events to support ABN and ASRAT. Once we have our first meeting I could help organize them afterwards. what do you think?

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