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አማራ በሙሉ መታጠቅ አለበት – ኮሎኔል ደመቀ ዘዉዱ !

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One comment

  1. METEC got awarded GERD’s Construction contract without a bid same as GEDA Construction Plc. & Co. currently got awarded GERD’s Contract without a bid.

    METEC looted GERD same as GEDA Construction & Co. is looting GERD while endangering safety standards.

    METEC ordered assassinations of Engineers same as GEDA Construction & Co. orders assassinations including that of Simegnew Bekele’s.

    METEC currently is being led by Azeb Mesfin the widow of Meles Zenawi same as METEC was being led by TPLF for decades.
    not even a year ago by the order of Azeb Mesfin, METEC has given out numerous ( thousands or more) free farm tractors and METEC still remained in business after incurring huge capital loss for giving out all those brand spanking new farm tractors for free because METEC got the Ethiopian federal military budget backup , the same budget that pays for those missiles currently put around GERD and the same budget that pays for the assassinations of whistle blower engineers at GERD.

    Soon UN security Council will bring every little deeds including the GEDA Construction & Co.’s crimes out to light so.
    Ethiopia will not suffer for long under
    EPRDF TPLF PP METEC Geda Construction Plc. & Co……..

    PP fails to negotiate properly and PP fails to protect Ethiopia’s national interest because PP is too busy looting selling out Ethiopia to foreign colonizers financial lenders Industrialists , if this looters stay in power soon you will hear GERD put on the market for sales as Ethio Telecom , EAL , Ethiopian Shipping Lines are being put out for sales.
    The proxy war in Somalia got the ethnic Oromo PP
    military addicted to dollars.They will sell their own mothers for dollars.They will chase away qualified Ethiopian diplomats for dollars . They will rent out their wives for adultery for dollars. They will soon sell the GEDA Construction & Co. mercenaries out to
    justice by UN Security Council for dollars .

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