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ታዋቂዋ ሞዴሊስት አሽልያ ግራም የወለደችውን ልጅ የስሙን መጠሪያ ሚኒሊክ አለችው!

Isaac’s biblical heritage was key, though Graham added she and her husband choose Menelik, which is African for “son of the wise.” The name was a souvenir of sorts from a trip to Ethiopia the couple took, on which they learned the country’s first emperor was named Menelik I. “So everything in his name is pointing to legacy,” the new daddy beamed.

Giovanni was suggested by a friend, and also reflected the names of his and Graham’s grandfathers, who were both named John — the English equivalent of that name.

Little Isaac, who last year graced the cover of Vogue with his mom while still in utero, was delivered naturally, at the couple’s home on Jan. 18, the new parents also revealed.

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