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ታምራት ነገራ በድፍረት ሃሳቡን ሲናገር ስሙት !

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  1. Please do not confuse the Amhara people, as they are facing a sworn enemy called TPLF. The media is running amok to look relevant by collecting here-says. That’s why TPLF managed to stay as a thorn on security and stability of Ethiopia. You guys never had been on the daunting task of managing Ethiopia that has been shaken to the core because of the TPLF 3 decades systematic destruction. Abiy received a broken Ethiopia economically, socially and politically. To make matters worth, TPLF declared war with an overwhelming strength and left the EDF battered and collapsing. Thanks to Abiy’s strategic thinking to solve the problem with Eritrea ahead and moderately restructured the army to mount counter offensive. War is chaotic and sometimes there are unwanted failures. The Afghan debacle is a recent testament even the strongest countries spectacularly fail. Those of you armchair journalists are behaving childish. Let the defensive war be executed by professional people from the ENDF and relevant authorities. Yes, you may point out matters of great concern. But, you should ask directly to the concerned authorities rather than confusing the Amhara youth who is pulling together to neutralize TPLF’S advance and the entailing mayhem. At times of war, every truth is not for public consumption. Journalists will only tell the truth as long as it serves the interest of the nation. Old fashioned journalism has no place in a world defined by survival of the fittest. Get your acts together, and be a responsible citizen besides your journalistic ego.

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