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ለሚወዱት ሰው ወይም ለዘመድ ስጦታ ወደ ሀገርቤት ይላኩ !


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One comment

  1. I am humble to find you!!! even though i was born in Haragha
    Province from our grandparents to my mother, father,to me with the gun passed we fought Amir’s army won them as now as 62 year old now 40 year’s ago me and dad sold Gasho eat beso to deafened
    Our beloved Ethiopia eastern front never been paid our payment was the land given to my grandparents from Ras mekonnen and our village west of Harare city
    we weren’t ( Somali Abo)like others who are the sole owners think of them self nowadays Harare ghe province
    i started believing in you my Ethiopia will be forever and ever
    With you youn guys and my son here
    We shall win !!! i wrote as a layperson sorry wording
    Long live Ethiopia Amen

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